A Reign of Kings

The rightful king returns.

Exlpore the most influential themes of arthurian lore


Mighty knights and Armies fight for control of the kingdom.


Devious nobles and courtiers scheme for the most influence at court.


Powerful witches and sorcerers curse their opponents and aid their fellows.


Faith in their god or higher power pushes devotees to action.

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Welcome to A Reign of Kings: The Card Game

Immerse Yourself in the Myths of Arthurian Legends

Choose Your Faction, Shape Your Destiny

Dive into a realm divided, with seven distinct factions vying for supremacy. Lead the noble Kingdom of Camelot, rally the rebellious Eleven of the North, or conspire with the enigmatic le Fay’s Circle. The Keepers of the Old Way, the fickle fae Summer and Winter courts, and the refugee Saracen Envoy all await your command. Each faction brings unique abilities, challenges, and strategies, offering endless replayability.

The Power of Your Deck

Craft your destiny with a 60-card deck, featuring units, locations, attachments, and deeds. Each card plays a vital role in your quest for 15 influence, the key to total control over Westernesse. Unlock your faction’s unique abilities and discover the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals.

Engage in Dynamic Struggles

– Combat Struggles: Lead your units into battle, with the victor claiming the spoils while the loser pays the price.

– Guile Struggles: Employ cunning tactics to thwart your adversaries and disrupt their schemes.

– Sorcery Struggles: Unleash powerful spells that shroud the battlefield in uncertainty.

– Faith Struggles: Steal influence from your rivals by demonstrating unwavering loyalty to your faction’s destiny.

Quest for Glory

Complete quests to expand your influence and unlock new strategies. Your faction’s destiny card offers an alternative path to victory, shaping your approach to the game.

A World of Immersive Art

A Reign of Kings: The Card Game isn’t just a game; it’s a visual and tactile experience. Dive into the lush, detailed illustrations that capture the essence of Arthurian myth. The high-quality components and beautifully crafted cards transport you to the heart of Westernesse.

Shape Your Own Arthurian Legend

Are you ready to step into the realm of Westernesse, forging your own Arthurian legend? Join us in bringing A Reign of Kings: The Card Game to life and become a part of the epic story. Your destiny awaits!

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